Bissell Proheat 2X Fluid Dispensing Problem Fix

Solution to an intermittent problem of the cleaning fluid not dispensing after a few minutes of use. Advance to1:30 if you wish to skip the commentary and go…

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    25 Responses to “Bissell Proheat 2X Fluid Dispensing Problem Fix”

    1. MusicMAAD says:

      Judging by these comments… Vax Dual V V-124A might be better…

    2. Ekaterina Butina says:

      Thanks for your help! my problem was with the red gasket. I fixed it.

    3. blargyblargyblarg says:

      compress the tabs on the white nozzles? I don’t understand

    4. Chipshotz says:

      On this video the nozzles are red(the 1:37 mark), mine are white. To release them pinch the 2 tabs on top of them and clean. Hope this helps.

    5. sillymia1206 says:

      For some reason the hose on mine doesn’t release water. I’ve tried to clean the hose but it still doesn’t work, please help!

    6. poptart1012 says:

      Mine will not suck up the solution so I’m stuck with soap on my carpet.

    7. katrina55060 says:

      Same here to the below comment. if aaaaanyone knows how to fix this or what I need to do please email me!!!

    8. freddie cordova says:


    9. Toris1000 says:

      I simply cleaned the red dirty screen on the first detachment it was clogged .. second I put my hand on the vaccume for a few seconds with the hande pulled.. it blew water out and sucked it up after that. I’m happy now

    10. freddie cordova says:


    11. Jay Tee says:

      thats just what i needed to see…..first time i really got help and it wasnt from a bissell company whom couldnt give me a clue on what the hell was goin on

    12. guardoperdro says:


    13. TheDevineMsB says:

      My bissell has sat up since last year (rotator cuff sugery in 2011) the red stopper was stuck in the SOAP dispenser; I removed it, I cleaned 2 areas of carpet today. Thanks for the tip..

    14. nippsandips says:

      thank you for sharing this. after questioning my decision to burn it and watch it melt i thought about youtube. Fixed the problem quickly. Thank you for saving my shampooer and releasing me from this delima.

    15. rjdi56 says:

      How about sucking up the water!!! Mine doesnt and ive checked the lint thing

    16. ducklandwikeno says:

      You can also run fresh water thru the unit after use . to clean out that cleaner fluid so it can pump the the next time . I had many problems with mine pumping water . I sold mine to my uncle in 1999 . I never liked my black pro heat . I wanted the green cleaning machine , but they where no longer sold then if Im right . I was stuck with this junk . The big green cleaning machine was better if you ask me . worked very well for me .

    17. Jorge B says:

      Thanks so much. I had the same problem and got it fixed right the same way!!!
      Thanks a bunch

    18. Lucas Willms says:

      Thanks for this. My gasket had come off of the soap tank. This was the exact fix.

    19. vjxpiro Bonilla says:

      my wont spray how can I fix??

    20. 7777Scion says:

      rug doctors break down all the time

    21. Emily Dutton says:

      Wow thanx thats exactly what happened, I just kept taking my back to walmart but now I know how to fix it.

    22. Foxy Roxy says:

      Thank you so much for this demonstration and saving me from buying a new one when I cant afford it. Ill be sure to watch the heating element demonstration as well.

    23. Melissa Ashbrook says:

      Thank you so very much for this!! I was getting ready to throw this thing out the back door!! Also thank you Lucas for your comment!! It turned out the gasket came off my soap tank :) Thanks again!!

    24. baxterwhiskey says:

      Thank you so much! Lifesaver!

    25. christian1127 says:

      A genius and sounds like one too.! helpful video indeed.

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